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Las Vegas
Concierge Services for New & Expectant Parents

Postpartum Support


Preparing for Postpartum

While you're pregnant, preparation is key! Our classes will help you put a Postpartum Plan into place for an easier transition.


Immediate Postpartum

Once you deliver the baby, we have resources and support to help you physically recover.


Support for the 4th Trimester

Your need for support lasts throughout the 4th trimester. We are here to support you during your full postpartum recovery.

My Approach

I am committed to helping birthing people and their families. I provide balanced, evidence-based support to help parents find their footing after adding another little person to their family. Whether it's your first baby or your fifth, by surrogacy or adoption, I am here to help you feel comfortable in your "new normal".  

About Me

I have worked in the field of postpartum recovery since 2006. I have served hundreds of Las Vegas families over the years. I would love to be on your postpartum team! I can provide that extra layer of support when you come home with your new baby, until you're ready to handle things on your own.

~ Jodi Selander

Getting Support

Whatever your concerns or situation may be, we are here to help. We provide a complimentary consultation to discuss the ways we can best help you. We are here to support your entire family, as a whole, transition to Life, After Baby. 


I'm so grateful for the experience, the service, the product and the friendship that has transpired as a result of your wonderful business and calling in life!
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