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Jodi Selander is the author of The Postpartum Survival Guide, now available on Amazon.

Having a baby is a tremendous transition. The Postpartum Survival Guide gives parents the tactics they need to move out of the initial survival mode into confident parenting more quickly. Written by a mother of three who has been helping women navigate that transition successfully for nearly a decade, this truly is THE guide book you need to prepare yourself for Life, After Baby. It contains words of wisdom from the trenches, as well as scientific research and a bit of old-school practicality. Parenting is an adventure, and like any grand adventure, preparation is key. Don't just SURVIVE parenthood - THRIVE in it!

There are many Childbirth Education courses available to parents in Las Vegas. There is only one class that focuses exclusively on what happens AFTER baby arrives...


The Postpartum Survival Course. 

The course is offered three ways, so you can choose which one best fits your lifestyle.

  • One 4-hour class, 9:00 AM to 1:00 PM, on Saturday at our location. Light lunch will be served.
    Click here to see if one is on the schedule. 

  • Two 2-hour private coaching classes, in your home. 

  • Online (coming soon). 

Contact us via the form below or call/text 702.947.0879 to schedule a class.

Course Outline:

We will cover all aspects of postpartum recovery, including:

  • Postnatal Mood Disorders

  • Birth Person Care

  • Managing Expectations

  • Stress Coping Techniques

  • Relationship Dynamics

  • Preparing Siblings

  • Setting up for Chest/Breastfeeding Success

You will begin to develop your Postpartum Plan: 

  • Meal Planning

  • Assign Roles

  • Discuss Expectations

  • Manage Stress

  • Enlist Support

You will leave with useful tools and handouts, plus a signed copy of The Postpartum Survival Guide. You will be well prepared to tackle your greatest, and most wonderful, challenge: Parenting!


Comments about The Postpartum Survival Course:

If you are pregnant, you should take this course! Jodi is so down-to-earth, informative, and intelligent! This course not only tells you what to expect, but it gives practical tips for dealing with a wonderful and difficult time in your life. Worth every penny!~ Kristi
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