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Postpartum Doula Services

As a postpartum doula, I am there to support you, the birthing person. But I really support the whole family - your other children, your partner, even your parents if they're visiting.

Newborn Baby

Why a Doula?

Having a tiny newborn in your home can be pretty intimidating, for everyone. As a postpartum doula, I will help you get you settled into your new life as a family, making the transition from being a couple. 


I can help you organize your space so you have comfortable places to be with your baby, whether that's downstairs on the couch or upstairs in your bedroom. I help you with breast/chest feeding to help you be successful, if that is your desire. I can also help you figure out your pump if you need it.


I can give you tips and tricks for soothing your baby, and help you learn his/her cues and get to know their unique personality. I make sure you are fed and rested, and have clean clothes for you and the baby. If you just need a nap, I can take care of the baby so you can catch up on some much-needed sleep. I can even help you on the first outings with the baby, to the pediatrician or grocery store, as that can be a little intimidating the first time(s).


Essentially, I take care of you during the whirlwind of the "4th trimester" - the first few weeks and months of your baby's life. It's my job to work myself out of a job - giving you all the tools you need to parent confidently. Otherwise it can feel like you've been thrown into the proverbial deep end, where you can either sink or swim. Consider me your favorite floatie! 

Who can benefit from postpartum support?

  • First time parents

  • Parents of premature babies, or those who spent time in the NICU

  • Parents of multiples

  • Parents whose families live out of town

  • Single parents

  • Birthing people who plan to chest- or breastfeed

  • Parents with older children

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