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Postpartum Meal Delivery

Nutrition is essential to postpartum healing. We all know it's important to eat healthy, but finding the time to create nutritious and nourishing meals while caring for a newborn can be extremely difficult. Let us help!

Our culinary-trained chef, Jennifer Hillebrand, is excited to prepare a series of delicious and nutritious meals for you. We will work together to deliver them fresh and ready to heat & eat, whenever you have the time. The meals, snacks and teas are carefully created with postpartum healing in mind, so you are sure to get the daily nutrition and nourishment your body needs while you heal from the pregnancy and birth.

Free Delivery for limited time, when you order one day of meals or more! 
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Our purpose is to provide a series of meals every day for a pregnant or postpartum person. Ordering one, three or five days' worth of meals is the most effective and affordable option. Our full menu is available for options and their descriptions. If you have questions, feel free to use the "chat with us" feature on the page. We are here to help! 

Chicken, Red Dates & Ginger

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“This twist on a classic ‘first food’ for moms may sound strange. Dried fruit in chicken soup, you ask? But go with it: Chinese red dates—also known as jujubes, available at Chinese markets or online—plus ruby-colored goji berries is a time-tested combo used to boost circulation and enhance inner warmth. Your eyes will delight at the look of these little gems in your soup bowl. Your taste buds will love the subtle touch of sweetness against the savory chicken. I recommend making every effort to use Chinese red dates, which bestow amazing postpartum health benefits, as they are not difficult to find online or in local Asian markets.” —Heng Ou

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