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Postpartum Pampering Services


Enjoy being pampered and nurtured by our full care services! Based upon traditional postpartum care, our services will offer you all you need to heal from the birth process and gently ease you into your new role as parent. Every person who has just given birth deserves to feel pampered and honored through gentle, loving care. 

Many cultures around the world involve traditions for warming the birth person. As a Scandinavian, I am drawn to the Danish concept of "hygge". It loosely translates to "cozy" and is pronounced HOO-gah. You have probably heard of the concept of "nesting" during pregnancy - hygge is essentially creating a cozy nest for you to recover and recuperate within. 

Pampered Goddess Package

Service Offerings

Goddess Pampering Package: $350

For the Goddess in every body. Enjoy the full range of pampering services at a reduced package rate, saving $45 over the separate options. We would begin with a healing floral or milk & honey bath. Once you're fully relaxed and refreshed, you would receive a calming and healing warm oil rubdown, followed by a healing full body wrapping and belly firming paste. After you are warmed and feeling completely relaxed, you will end the series with a belly binding that you would then keep on for the rest of the day. It truly is a wonderful way to celebrate the brand new you.

Relaxing Candles

Bengkung Belly Binding: $75

Bengkung is a traditional Malaysian belly binding method. This belly binding technique uses a long strip of cloth, wrapped securely around the abdomen from the hips to the rib cage.  The bind can be worn daily for the first 40 days postpartum, or longer as needed. Belly binding is used to support the healing process from birth. 


We will bring a natural muslin bind, and perform the wrapping for you. You also receive written instructions for doing the binding yourself in the days following.

Colored wraps are an additional $35.

Warm Healing Wrapping: $75

There are many traditions that involve closing or sealing after birth. Birth opens, so postpartum should help you close. This wrapping is done after a nice warm sesame oil rub down, when you are fully relaxed.

This is not a "Closing of the Bones" ceremony. That is a very specific ceremony, and involves the use of a full massage and other advanced techniques. If you would like a true, traditional Closing of the Bones ceremony, I will be happy to refer you out. 


Warm Oil Rub Down: $60

Postpartum care involves keeping the body warm to aid in your recovery. The oils we use are infused with warming herbs. The benefits of using such oil is that when it's gently rubbed into the skin, the body will use it to stimulate blood flow - thus having a positive effect on the circulation and metabolism. This, in turn, nourishes and revitalizes the skin and organs, removing toxins from the body by assisting the lymphatic system for elimination of wastes. The warming stimulation will continue to promote the body to release retained water and fat it no longer needs.

Herbal Belly Firming Paste: $35

Only used in combination with other services such as Belly Binding, Warm Wrapping, and/or Warm Oil Rubdown.

The firming paste is always made with 100% natural ingredients, such as nutmeg, cinnamon, turmeric, and several others. The paste only uses herbs with warming properties, which stimulate blood flow to the area. This results in the firming, toning and strengthening of the internal stomach muscles, as well as loose abdominal skin. The ingredients stimulate the body to release retained water in the tummy and torso area.


Healing Bath: $150

After birth, the body is still open and raw, and in need of a way to mark the transition and transformation that has occurred. A healing bath is a beautiful and relaxing way to honor the body and spirit. Before the bath is prepared, a thorough smudging with white sage is performed of the bathing and sleeping areas.

You may choose between a Milk & Honey or Floral bath option.

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