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Placenta Encapsulation Services

The original Placenta Encapsulation Specialist®, Jodi created the standard for placenta encapsulation, and trains Placenta Encapsulation Specialists® around the world in her method.

Why Placenta?

Placenta is used to treat a variety of issues, two of which are particularly helpful for postpartum recovery. The placenta capsules, prepared appropriately, are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine to treat insufficient lactation and fatigue. Many users report a balanced mood, enhanced milk production, and a feeling of overall energy.

Many people of the world have known the secret power of the placenta as a medicinal supplement. The placenta is thought to be rich in nutrients that the birthing person needs to recover more readily from childbirth. With my method of placenta encapsulation, I create what is called Zi He Che - 紫河車 - Placenta Hominis, a powerful treatment in Traditional Chinese Medicine. 

I will create top-quality placenta capsules for you based on the method that has been successfully used for centuries, and the one which I have personally used for over a decade with proven results.

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Service Details
Two visits to your home (we bring everything we need to prepare the placenta). 
Cost: $300, due when your capsules are finished.

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