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Newborn Baby
My Philosophy


I believe that YOU are the best parent for your child. That belief manifests in respect for your parenting choices. I am there to provide support to you, and take care of you. My role is NOT to override your own parenting instincts, but to help you hone them. 

Baby's Grasp

My Approach

If you ask for suggestions on a particular situation, I will provide an evidence-based answer, and one based on nearly two decades of parenting experience. I will NOT be offended or upset if you decide to do something completely different. Your baby, your choices.

That being said, I will share some of the choices I made as a parent when my children were babies. Again, these are MY choices, and if you choose differently, I will support you.

I have experience in: 

  • Natural parenting

  • Herbal / alternative healing

  • Cloth diapering

  • Baby wearing

  • Co-sleeping (both sharing the family bed, and in-room sleeping)

  • Breastfeeding / Chestfeeding

  • Pumping milk and milk sharing

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