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Two Easy Ways to Treat Thrush

You’ve seen the tell-tale white spots on your baby’s tongue, and maybe your nipples are feeling a little bit itchy. Oh, no! It could be thrush!

Don’t panic, there are a couple of quick, easy and natural things you can start doing at the first signs of thrush to help keep it from becoming a big problem.

On the Baby Acidophilus Acidophilus is in probiotics, and it eats yeast (in other words, thrush). Pull apart the capsule and put a little on baby’s tongue after each nursing session. It will help their gut bacteria if they ingest some of it, but the rest of it will stay in their mouth and work on eliminating the thrush. You should take the capsules as directed as well, to fight any yeast overgrowth internally as well as treating it externally.

If you’re not close to a natural food grocer, you can order the capsules from Amazon.

On You Goldenseal and Echinacea A tea mixture of Goldenseal and Echinacea is great for thrush and mastitis. Put the herbs (1 T of each) in a tea bag and steep in very hot water for 8-10 minutes. You can apply the tea bag directly to your nipples for 20 minutes to kill infection externally. You can also drink the tea so your body can combat the infection internally as well as externally.

Staying consistent with the treatments until it clears up completely will help you fight the thrush.

These tips and many more are found in my Postpartum Survival Course, and in my book, The Postpartum Survival Guide.

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